Although we make every effort to ensure orders reach our customers as quickly as possible, there are the rare occasions where orders do not reach their intended destination, go missing, or arrive late. If your package has not arrived you have up to 30 days to let us know, and we're happy to assist you in such cases.

If you have not received your package within a few days of the expected delivery date, we kindly ask you to check for any missed collection cards that may have been left by the courier. It is also worth checking with neighbours to see if your order has been left with them for safe keeping. Couriers will even very occasionally leave packages in or around waste or recycling bins for "safe keeping", even when specifically told not to.

It's not uncommon for couriers to neglect to leave collection cards altogether, so customers are unaware that a delivery attempt has been made. We advise customers to contact the courier directly and provide the tracking number we send in the order dispatch e-mail to determine the status of the delivery and to arrange re-delivery or collection if necessary.

If your package was undeliverable it will typically be returned to us by the courier. In these cases we will contact you to advise you of this, and arrange a refund or replacement order for you.

If your package has been lost by the courier or if the courier states that it has been delivered but there is no evidence of this, we will undertake an investigation with the courier. In these cases we are unable to arrange an immediate refund or replacement of your order, as the package is still considered to be in transit and may still be delivered.

If our investigation determines that the package is lost we will provide a refund or replacement for you. Please note that investigations may take up to two weeks as we are dependent on the courier to conduct the investigation in most instances.