As with all natural foods, it is normal to witness a degree of variation between batches of products. There are several different factors that can affect the taste, texture, or colour between batches, and will naturally vary between different brands. This is normal and is often the case when consuming natural foodstuffs.

Physical characteristics are mainly affected by environmental factors when they are grown, which in turn heavily affects the final composition of the end product that customers receive. These factors may include the amount of sunlight and water the plant receives while growing, soil type, growing location, and seasonal effects.

Colour variation is typically related to the amount of sunlight the crop has received before and during the harvesting stage. For example, young grasses grown during the Spring season tend to be of a brighter green colour and have a stronger taste than the Autumn-grown batches.

There are many other factors that can possibly lead to different characteristics during growing and harvesting of these products, hence you are likely to find differences between different batches of Sevenhills Wholefoods products and when shopping between brands.