The protein fragment of Hemp typically contains an Amino acid composition of:


Threonine 2.66+/-0.67%

Aspartate 1.35+/-0.23%

Glutamine 1.73+/-0.32%

Serine 6.03+/-1.24%

Glycine 1.59+/-0.32%

Proline 1.66+/-0.35%

Alanine 1.61+/-0.32%

Arginine 94−128 mg/g

Cysteine 0.70+/-0.15%

Valine 1.91+/-0.30%

Methionine 0.88+/-0.25%

Isoleucine 1.45+/-0.23%

Leucine 2.35+/-0.45%

Tyrosine 1.15+/-0.28%

Phenylalanine 1.62+/-0.30%

When comparing the amino acid profile against other sources, Hemp is comparatively high in Arginine and Tyrosine (greater than all other common sources tested) and is high in Alanine and Aspartic acid, alongside Soy (both being greater than other sources).


The protein of hemp appears to be incomplete as, although it contains all essential amino acids, some are in insufficient quantity to provide the bare minimum of essential human nutrition; the limiting amino acids in Hemp appear to usually be Lysine, with Leucine and L-Tryptophan being the second and third limiting amino acids. This makes it, from a complementary protein perspective, having comparable insufficiencies as grain products.