Most research supports the use of blue green algae for neurodegenerative diseases.  However, some articles point to BMAA as being the main culprit, BMAA is only produced by certain kinds of Spirulina grown in natural lakes and unregulated water sources. Our Spirulina is of the Arthrospira Platensis variety, and is not related to the BMAA-producing strain. Sevenhills Wholefoods' Spirulina is actually grown in carefully monitored cultivation ponds, where conditions are constantly observed. In addition to this, our Spirulina is spray-dried during production, in which no cell capable of producing BMAA can survive.  It also points to heavy metals, our product is an organic certified product and is tested for various heavy metals.  Therefore on the basis of this I would state our product is fine to consume but I would advise you to continue to do your own research based on your own individual requirements as we are not doctors and are not qualified to give medical advice.