We stopped using the craft "paper" pouches for a number of reasons. Craft pouches use considerably more water to produce than other forms of packaging, and they are also heavier which leads to an increase in transport-related carbon emissions over time. They are also not recyclable, as the inner lining is plastic and metalised foil.

Our current pouches are made from a combination of BOPP, metalised foil, and PE, and unfortunately this combination is currently not widely recyclable. Each pouch must be made of materials that meet legal standards to hold food products, to retain their freshness, and to avoid contamination. Our pouches are reusable, however. Our Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil glass and plastic containers are widely recyclable.

We are actively investigating compostable and recyclable options for our packaging. This is a significant challenge, as most options are cost prohibitive (to the extent that we would be unable to make our products), fail to meet standards for food safety, or are not genuinely compostable or recyclable. Even the simple act of applying a paper label to a recyclable plastic container can make the combination of the two non-recyclable.

We are committed to finding a solution to these issues and working hard towards this goal.