Many customers are concerned about levels of lead and heavy metals in our products, especially Turmeric. This is due to some producers adulterating Turmeric with Lead Chromate - a criminal practice which we absolutely abhor. Their aim is to increase the rich orange/red colour of the Turmeric and its weight in order to maximise profits.

We batch test all of our products for microbes, pesticides, and heavy metals. Not only is this necessary for food safety, it is also required by the Soil Association for a product to be certified as organic, including our own. We take the quality and safety of our products extremely seriously, and we consistently reject batches that do not conform to our stringent test standards, and prevent those batches from reaching our customers.

The level of lead in our Organic Turmeric Powder is typically 10 or more times lower than the safe level permitted by EU regulations (3mg/kg). Unfortunately, it is impossible for any plant that is grown outdoors, or product made from that plant, to be 100% free of heavy metals due to the impact of humans on the environment through industrial use. Although we select growers and suppliers who are located far from industrial areas, heavy metal particulates can be distributed by the wind and permeate the soil through rainfall.